Fair time is almost here! Let's think "Static Exhibits"!

Felted soap Kit Soap wool

Are you one of those momma's or daddy's that are constantly looking for some great project for your kiddo to work on and turn in?  

As long as my kids were in 4H, I loved, I mean LOVED static exhibits.  My favorite one was Global Connections.  My kids would find a company in a different country, write them a letter stating why, what and how, and someone would write back.  Once, my daughter even wrote to the Queen on Denmark.  She received a letter back from her royal secretary, but it was super cool.  Another daughter wrote to a spinning wheel company in New Zealand and ended up guest writing a column for their magazine, and it went worldwide.  She received a 2-foot heddle loom for her article.  It was really amazing. 

As your creative juices flow, remember that we have a kit that could come in handy for any project, for a group, static exhibit or just for fun as a weekend project. It's our felted soap kit and its fun for all ages.  It includes our wool, our goat's milk soap, a nylon and instruction sheet.  As the soap bar is used, the wool shrinks to fit, making it a perfect soap/washcloth combo.