It's November y'all!

It's November y'all!

What is this November 2nd business and who approved it? This year is almost over for Pete’s sake!

So at the Fairchild Ranchero, we got another legal driver in the house last week, and another just started Drivers Ed.  We didn’t plan that very well back in the day did we?  All these kids driving at once…all I can think of is costly insurance premiums.  Eeks. I could also look at it as “I shouldn’t have to drive for at least 6 years”…We could have driving Miss Mamma for quite a while. Well, I guess I like being in control of my own destiny so that might not happen.  Also, this is my first boy in many years that is in driver’s ed.  I’m a bit nervous.  Although he is very careful with equipment, so my truck shouldn’t be any different. Let’s hope.


With the start of the new month, comes the end of the Watertown Farmer’s Market.  We haven’t tacked this announcement on the chicken coop door yet, so at 60 eggs per day, we had to add to the stores we sell to. The new laying hens should start laying in the next month and  when that happens it’ll be close to 100 per day! I’m kind of wishing Ron wasn’t such a chicken collector over the summer, but it’s ok I guess. So, now serving Independent Oil in Canby!


The new month also means deer hunting! The kids only got one during youth season, so The Empty Handers have a lot of time set aside to hunt. We have trail cameras up and there is a HUGE buck that I hope one of the kids get.  Ron doesn’t mind getting the little fork bucks or a nice doe. And as long as they gut them and cut them up, well I don’t mind cooking them. I’ve got a bunch of new recipes to try and I’m pretty excited. Gee, years ago, I would’ve said, “Yuck, venison?” But that was before I knew how to cook it. Our favorite is backstrap medallions. Literally fabulous.


November also means my busiest two months of the year have officially begun.  As a business owner, I love these two months.  I have a show almost every weekend and lets face it, talking to people and making the sale are really my jam.  Over the years, I’ve pinned my “regular” customer as a woman in her early 50’s.  Well really my website and Paypal have determined her.  I just named her “Gloria”. That was my piece of the puzzle. So let us hope for many Glorias this year! Momma needs to make some money!


Speaking of making money, wanna know my pet project?  I’d say latest, but I’ve been working on this for a few years. I’m trying to get better wool prices starting out with our local sheep farmers.  This is my Sunday project and what keeps me up at night project. I’ve spent a ton of time researching wool, the uses, the market and prices way back to the early 1900’s and buying total clips from a few farms.  It’s been super interesting. 


Soon I’ll be starting my Kickstarter campaign; a crowd funding project to get investors in on the front end so I can get 1,000 pounds of wool washed in TX, then sent to Michigan to be processed, made into some blankets, more of our felting kits, insoles, etc.  And to make a long story short, eventually getting a felting machine to make products here from our local wool, all the while paying the farmer a better price than what they might normally get.  


Well, I have to run, I’ve been summoned to look at more trail camera pictures.


Until next time,

Fairchild “with all these deer, there shouldn’t be any more Empty Handers” Farmgirl



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